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Ebook: The Power of Voice Technology 


Learn How this New Retail Sales Channel is Reshaping Consumer Behavior

By Shilp Agarwal, Co-Founder/CEO, Blutag

The global eCommerce revolution has completely transformed the retail shopping experience, and the vast digital transformation driven by the global pandemic has only accelerated the growth of online sales channels.

2021 has been an absolute breakout year for eCommerce success, and global revenues have already exceeded $4.92 trillion—a 45% increase over 2020, the year with the previous highest recorded online sales totals—and the year isn't even finished or showing any signs of slowing down.

Our ebook covers: 

  • How consumers are using voice technologies today
  • Why jumping on this emerging technology is best
  • And much more!

Download the ebook to learn more!



Download the Ebook: The Power of Voice Technology